ANTH/WGSS 583, "Love, Sex, and Globalization"

Escalating transnational flows of information, commodities, and people have created innumerable kinds of 'intimate' contacts on a global scale, such as: trafficking in persons, mail-order brides, sex tourism, and commodified romance. This course critically examines how discourses on love and sex encounter, confront, and negotiate capitalism’s market logic, postcolonial geopolitics, and the ethics of pleasure in the building of a modern nation-state. In so doing, this course explores the interplay among love, sex, and money as a window into the cultural politics of gender and sexuality. It also examines how love, sex, and money intersect with other hierarchical social categories such as race, ethnicity, nationality, class, and urban-rural inequalities will also be discussed.


WGSS 601, "Critical Approaches to Human Trafficking"

This seminar examines issues surrounding human trafficking on a global scale by employing a variety of interdisciplinary and critical approaches. Growing interest in the topic has generated diverse narratives and debates. Some scholars approach the issues as modern day slavery, organized crime, or forced labor. Others equate human trafficking to prostitution and focus on sex trafficking. Others problematize the violation of human rights and try to speak for the “victims.” And yet, a handful of critical scholars and activists point out that the actual voices of men and women, who are involved in human trafficking, are largely silenced in the dominant narratives of “rescuing” the victims, especially when they are from the global South.


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